XX/YY Series (XX-PNB)



Item Code Wheel Size Plate Size Hole Centre/Size Total Height Load Cap
4XX-PNB 100x50mm 115×100 85×72/M10 142mm 250Kg
5XX-PNB 125x50mm 115×100 85×72/M10 164mm 280Kg
6XX-PNB 150x50mm 115×100 85×72/M10 190mm 320Kg
8XX-PNB 200x50mm 115×100 85×72/M10 240mm 350Kg


Housing: HD Pressed steel, fabricated construction,
Zinc-plated double ballrace swivel
Wheel: PU on PP hub, Precison double ball bearing
Wear resistant
Low-rolling resistance
Resistant to Oil,Grease,Water,etc.
Temperature Range -5 ° C ̴ 70 ° C
Hardness: 90 ± 5 shore A


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